Because of the manufacturers’ embargo, I’m not yet allowed to talk about how good or otherwise the new BMW 3-series is to drive.

What I can remind you about, though – just to whet your appetite before Thursday’s first drive – are some of the key facts and figures about the 3-series, which was launched in October.

For example, the new car weighs 45kg LESS model on model, comes as standard with a new Drive Performance Control system that allows you to radically alter the car’s personality on the move, and is available with a new eight-speed flappy paddle gearshift as an option.

And don’t worry too much about the demise of the six-cylinder engine in the somewhat oddly badged 328i, which you may or may not have seen on the move in our teaser vid.

There may only be 2.0-litres and four cylinders thumping away beneath the bonnet, but there’s also 241bhp, 258lb ft of torque, 0-62mph in a scarcely believable 5.9sec (from a 2.0-litre four!) and the very real possibility of 40mpg plus if you’re just bumbling – as you very much tend to do with the Drive Performance Control set to Eco Pro.

Be in no doubt, the sixth generation 3-Series is an absolute belter, both on paper and to look at in the flesh. And on the move? Well, you’ll have to tune in on Thursday to find out more about that.