Fascinating day in Abu Dhabi yesterday, where some of the biggest names in politics – not to mention the world’s media and several hundred exhibitors from around the world - have gathered for the fourth annual World Future Energy Summit.

It’s perhaps the biggest event you’ve never heard of (I certainly hadn’t before this year) where everyone from multinational oil companies to UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon get together to discuss renewable energy and its implementation in different sectors, include motoring.

This morning’s opening ceremony was predictably packed with crowd-pleasing soundbites; Ki-Moon said the energy sector “must look beyond fossil fuels” and “we need a global clean energy revolution that makes it affordable for all”.

But there were some facts and figures dropped in that highlighted the need for the politicians, delegates and energy companies to stop the talking and start to deliver on infrastructures to support future powertrain technology manufacturers have already developed before the oil wells finally run dry.

Worldwide energy consumption will go up 40 per cent in just 20 years and an investment of 700bn USD will be needed in renewable energy if this demand is to be supported. “Investing in renewable energy shouldn’t be a luxury,” said Ki-Moon. “We already have the technology there – and there is more in the pipeline. Now we need competition in the sectors to attract government incentives and make the technology affordable for all.”