Got a letter from a chap the other day, complaining about the fact that his Scirocco R – which he ordered in March – hasn’t yet been delivered. He claims to have been given “four, possibly five build dates” by his dealer, none of which has resulted in a Scirocco R ending up on his driveway.

And now, of course, he’s got a bit cheesed off with the situation – to the extent that he’s considering canceling his order and “buying something Japanese instead".

More worryingly, he says he knows of at least two other people in the same area who are experiencing similar problems with non-delivered Scirocco Rs. All of which makes the fact that we at Autocar have had our own long term test R for some weeks now a teeny bit awkward to justify.

On the one hand it’s inevitable that VW will get its press cars out as soon as possible – because they are press cars and exist purely to generate publicity. But surely VW should be looking after its owners a bit better than would appear to be the case on this occasion? Also, if there is genuinely a delay in the build process with the Scirocco R, what’s the reason for it, and when will it be resolved?