The Renault DeZir concept is about as seductive as show cars get. When you see this 4.2-metre, all-electric, mid-engined sports car in the metal, as I did recently, you can’t help but be impressed. It’s that good looking.

And you can’t help but wonder why Renault doesn’t put it into production as soon as possible.

When you really think about it, of course, familiar questions loom into view. How and where would they make it? And who’d buy an £80,000 electric Renault sports car, after all? The answers are predictable enough.

But this Renault concept isn’t about the showroom – not directly, at least. As new design boss Laurens van den Acker puts it, “We need to make Renault a more passionate, emotional brand, with warmer, simpler and more desirable cars.”

The DeZir is the first step in van den Acker’s transformation of Renault design. Via a series of six concept cars due over the next two years, he will lead an effort to show the world how much better looking and more appealing the firm’s cars can be. The DeZir is just the start of the grand metamorphosis; an initial surge of inspiration.

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