image1555134881.jpgWith Kris and Paul in Barbados getting ready for the Barbados Rally which, Kris won last year, Kronos are finishing off our new car ready for Belgium.

Our original car was written off in the unfortunate crash in Monte Carlo and since then we have been campaigning the spare Kronos 207. This car is normally run under the B F Goodrich banner as part of their sponsored driver programme. Fortunately for us there was no plans to run the car for B F Goodrich in either Brazil or the Azores so it was free for us to use, whilst a new car was being built.

The car, however, has been very lucky so far as it has won all this year's IRC rounds. Sebastian Ogier won Monte Carlo in it and then we have won Brazil and the Azores.

Hopefully our new car will be just as lucky. The new car is completely new and as such we have had to purchase a new private number plate 207 PMC to replace the original car's PMC 207 plate. This will make an interesting point of detail on any future models as the Peugeot UK 207 S2000 will have had 3 different number plates, PMC 207, IRC 207 and now 207 PMC.

For Chatsworth we will, however, still be running the Brazil and Azores winning car IRC 207.