I was at Pebble Beach this weekend for, amongst other things, the unwrapping of the new Cadillac Sports Tourer. It went down really well with the mainly US audience and it deserved the praise: it’s a fine looking thing in the metal and a lot more handsome, somehow, than the saloon.

But I was probably more interested in the Evoq concept that Cadillac also wheeled out for us to have another look at.

Remember it? It’s a pretty, and muscular looking two-door coupe that Caddy unveiled here in Pebble Beach exactly ten years ago. I remember thinking then how radical and edgy it looked but it seems a lot more restrained now.

But the Evoq has turned out to be an important car, as it kickstarted the current Caddy look that is epitomised by this new estate.

Even more amazingly perhaps, the Evoq was styled by Brit Simon Cox and his team in the West Midlands. And the rather talented Mr Cox has played a key role in just about every Cadillac since.