I am pleased to report that after my review of The Sweeney several weeks back, Ford, probably as a direct result, has decided to logo up a Focus ST estate for demonstration purposes only. 

Developed and engineered at Ford Special Vehicle Preparations (SVP) in Earls Colne, Essex, and equipped as a compact traffic car, it meets the latest National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) standards for fast response vehicles inside and out. The light bar on the roof is all-LED, and the dashboard is fitted with a mobile data terminal (MDT) and screen to illustrate the Focus ST’s versatility for multi-role police use.

So I just wondered, in the absence of a truly British cop car, what would get your vote for blues and twos duty. I'm thinking a Morgan 3 Wheeler panda, or an Aero Supersports for the traffic boys.

Actually, I can’t believe that McLaren hasn't seized the PR initiative in the way that Lotus used to do. Imagine what an MP4-12C would be like in retro jam sandwich colours?

Am I mad, or do others harbour thoughts of wildly inappropriate police vehicles?