Apparently if you do something automotively naughty, or even something naughty in a town centre, you are more likely to be pulled over and thrown in the back of a Vauxhall than any other marque. That’s because Vauxhall Motors Special Vehicles has become the biggest supplier of low and intermediate Police vehicles in the UK after winning contracts for six Police regions.

The contract wins mean that 37 (or 71 per cent) of the UK's 52 Police Authorities are now contracted to buy Vauxhall vehicles. The agreements - which will see the delivery of around 7000 cars and vans over the next four years - include a broad range of Vauxhall models, including the Corsa, Astra, Insignia, Astravan, Combo, Vivaro and Movano.

Personally I miss the old Senator and latterly the Omega as proper plod transport. Then again when I think coppers it is SD1, Rover 3500, and I used to see a lot of E12 BMWs when I worked in the City. Maybe you go as far back as Wolseleys. Perhaps you are not UK-based at all and referring to the brilliant Police Vehicles of The World by Roy D. Ingleton, the Simca Rancho, Plymouth Gran Fury and Ford Falcon in Oz mean rather more to you.

Personally I regret the passing of the truly British Police Car. When I’m caught binge drinking I really don’t want to be thrown in the back of a Sprinter, and I hate the idea of being pulled up for speeding by a Skoda Fabia. Never mind, the British car industry is pretty much dead these days, but at least Vauxhall is still flying the flag, or at least keeping the Griffin airbourne. And you never know you may one day see a Monaro in your rear view mirror.