When Land Rover announced it was working with Victoria Beckham on a special-edition Range Rover Evoque, there was a collective sigh of disbelief among the motoring world. What, after all, could Posh Spice add to the brand?

Over time, though, there was a general mellowing of opinion; Beckham was carving a career as a respected fashion designer, and her input into the Evoque was to be limited to a special-edition model, with a focus on colour and trim work.

Then, last year in Beijing, the car was unveiled. It was expensive but tastefully enhanced. It sold out. That, we were told, was that; for now at least, the dalliance with the former Spice Girl was over. Job done.

Except, that is, about 300 miles into a drive with the family in a Range Rover that I was lucky enough to be testing over Christmas, my wife piped up: “Didn’t Victoria Beckham design the interior on this car?”

Well, no, she didn’t. But then the mother-in-law climbed aboard and said the same thing. And then my sister-in-law. None of them is given to wearing floaty couture or reading the gossip magazines, but all of them ‘knew’ enough to know that at some point Beckham had worked with Land Rover.