In no particular order mine are;

Ayrton Senna – because he was the fastest racing driver there ever was.

Henri Toivonen – because he was very mad, very quick, and very very gifted indeed.

Walter Rohl – because not only is he one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet, he was – and still is – a quite incredibly smart driver. Of any car, and on just about any kind of terrain you’d care to mention.

Colin McRae – because he was the guvnor, Amen.

Jeremy Clarkson/Andy Wilman – because without them the world of cars, especially on TV, would be a whole lot less amusing than it is.

LJK Setright  – because he could spin a yarn on the page like no other, before or since, and because he was 100 per cent bonkers behind the wheel of a car.

Keith Duckworth/Walter Hayes – because without their combined engineering and marketing savvy, Ford/Cosworth would never have built the double four valve (DFV) engine. 

Jerry Marshal – because he was the greatest club racing driver there ever was.