It’s that time of the year again when gongs get given out. Best this, most promising that and half decent, the other. Used cars should of course be the absolute exception. That’s because they are all unique: different mileage, condition, colour.

You really can’t say what is the best used car of the year and I certainly won’t do that unless someone pays me handsomely to do so. That’s because the best or worst used car is always going to be the one you have bought and are currently running.

So for me in 2011 the worst was the old XJ which started to break down a lot and the very best would be… well, my lovely 728i, which is reliability incarnate. It was cheap, it handles something lovely and all the toys work, so what’s not to love?

So much for my choice, but what’s your best/worst car of 2011? What did you buy which filled your heart with joy, or sadness?

If you didn’t buy a used car this year then the very fact that the car you bought a few years back is still running sweetly should prompt you to nominate it as your unofficial Used Car of the Year.

Is there a prize? Well maybe there should be. How about a really old book which explained the TV series Deals on Wheels? Yep, I will post one of those, signed by the author (but not by the two blokes on the cover) to whoever makes the most cogent argument for their unofficial Used Car of the Year 2011.

Good luck and all that.