Summer is a wonderful thing. I love the fact that fine weather teases out of hibernation all sorts of interesting cars that seem to brighten up the roads no end.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is all very well provided you can spare the time to get down south, but for many of us there is a free and rather wonderful classic car show occurring on most A and B roads near you at the moment.

Indeed, over the last few weekends I’ve seen more Stags than I ever remember seeing in 1975. My near neighbours white E-Type has been tearing around rather a lot, but it isn’t all old Brit stuff.

I’ve seen rather a lot of Italians recently when really they should all have rusted to bits by now. So the owner of that lovely Lancia Fulvia I saw and the bloke at the petrol station with the Alfetta deserve special mentions for brightening up everyone’s lives.

Then there was the couple who passed me in their polished ally Caterham who looked as though they might explode with happiness which summed up last weekend for me really.

Also on the back of trailers were all sorts of racing certainties. Full house Escorts, various Loti (Elise, Elan and a Europa), then the other evening at dusk emerging out of Thetford Forest with its huge headlamps aglow was a Rolls Rolls Silver Wraith.