Several months ago I asked for advice on what I should buy next, and you came up with all sorts of exciting and sensible suggestions. You may wonder whether or not I followed up on any of them - and I am prepared to offer a prize for the closest guess.

Things have become a little complicated in my garage recently and, although I always manage to have a spare vehicle, with one going on SORN and another being given away (I’ll come back to that at a future date), I do need an interim set of wheels which won’t hang around for more than a couple of months. It will, though, be part of an exciting project or two.

So, instead of being in Frankfurt with all the other hacks, I’ve been tip-toeing around the nation’s forecourts and backlots and looking at wide range of unsuitable motors. It teaches you an awful lot when you go on these sorts of hunts and, being me, I’ve cut loads of corners - my new ride will either be trouble-free or a living nightmare.

I’m not quite sure what sort of clues to give you, as I don't want to make it far too easy. Anyhow, here goes: the vehicle was built in late 1995, has four doors and electric most things and has more than four cylinders under the bonnet.

I will check back in from time to time and may point you in the right direction, but I reckon it will be easy enough. The answer will be given on Monday morning.  However, if several of you get it right I will put your silly forum names in an old hub cap and get an ex-AA patrolman to pull out the winner.

Oh the prize! Well maybe I should act as your personal chauffer for the week in my new motor, but on second thoughts that sounds too much like hard work. Instead I will send you a copy of the original Bangernomics from 1993. Long out of print, it’s a collectors' item these days.

I’ll even sign it… Good luck!

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