Volvo has a new boss and the fact that they're parachuting in a big cheese from Ford of Europe probably gives us all the clues that we need that the Blue Oval is committed to keeping its Swedish arm.

Volvo But what should the new man be doing? Getting Volvo back to making money is the first job and that's no easy task right now.

What he should also be doing is thinking hard about where to pitch the company. Volvo's been trying to hard to emulate the upmarket Germans lately and its fallen way short. S80 vs 5-series or A6 anyone? Let's face it, some of its cars can't even outclass the Fords that they share platforms with.

So Volvo should start making cars that can only come from Volvo: stylish, ultra-safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

After all, in the current climate buyers could and should be keen to buy into these sort of attributes - especially if they are noticeably better value than the Germans as well. It's just about putting some desirable products in the showroom.

Admittedly the new XC60 looks like being on the right lines. But I've got a a sneaking feeling that with Volvo's expertise and Ford's support there's a lot better than that to come. The best thing it can have its it's own unique identity, the worst thing it can be is a sub-standard German alternative.