In an effort not to be remotely controversial this week, I’ve decided that used cars are rubbish.

After all, someone else has scuffed the trim, skipped that service and crunched those gears without a thought for the next keeper. Much better to cheer up your drive with something new and sparkly and - it has to be said - cheap.

If you have recently stolen a large amount of petty cash, sold a body part or two, or benefited from a much loved relative remembering to leave you something in their last will and testament, why not?

Certainly the over-supply of new cars won’t last forever and some within the industry believe that we haven’t got long to enjoy this Indian summer of marginal new car prices.

This week, as usual, I spoke to Richard Sanders at and he updated me on the current prices. Something sporty like a Honda Civic 2.0i-VTEC Type R GT can be had with £4432 off the list price, a saving of 23 per cent.