I doubt there are many people who walk away from driving a 473bhp Porsche 997 Turbo wishing that one of the world’s fastest supercars had more power.

But according to Swiss tuning firm Sportec, the standard 997 Turbo just wasn’t fast enough. Incredibly, the guys there have managed to extract 858bhp from Porsche’s 3.6-litre bi-turbo flat six.

Any car firm that offers you the option of a motorsport exhaust system which makes your car illegal to use on the roads gets my attention.

The best bit about the car, though, is Sportec’s rather novel way of describing just how powerful its 997 is. With 858bhp being powered through all four wheels, the firm describes this as “meaning that each of the SPR1 T80's four wheels channels 214.5bhp to the tarmac, akin to having a VW Golf GTI powering each tyre.”

Pretty impressive stuff, huh? Sportec also claims it has managed to record a top speed of 236mph at the Nardo test track in Italy. That’s nearly as fast as a Bugatti Veyron.

And the Sportec is not just about top speed. It can get to 62mph in three seconds and 186mph in just 18.9 seconds.

There is a point to all my drooling about the performance figures, though. I just wonder how good the Porsche 911 would be if Porsche actually did something like this itself? We have the Turbo, GT2 and GT3 versions, but wouldn’t it be great if Porsche made a factory approved 911 which stretched the famous straight six engine to its absolute limits?

There are lots of reasons why Porsche is never likely to bother – fuel economy, the strain it puts on all the components, the capabilities of who would be driving it, the huge cost involved, the likely (small) return in profit – but it’s still a pretty exciting thought.

The GT2 is the current ultimate version of the Porsche 911, but an ultimate version of the ultimate version is a nice dream to have. And maybe, for the lucky few who can afford to buy it and more to the point run it, Sportec may have just delivered it.

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