I’ve known Top Gear’s executive producer Andy Wilman for yonks and rarely, if ever, is he capable of taking anything very seriously. So when he called up a few months ago and asked if we’d be interested in “road testing” a car that Clarkson & Co were building, it was fairly obvious there was a jape in the making. But we agreed, and last nights’ TV program was the result.

To be honest I was a bit worried before it went out. I wondered whether they might just rip the Michael out of Autocar completely for being so obviously straight laced, but in the end they were good to their word and didn’t make us look too ridiculous, and now I can sleep a little easier.

Download a pdf of our Top Gear road test here, plus see our test on video

It’s such a well made program, Top Gear, and although they arse about a bit too much sometimes, and nudge things in the wrong direction morally on others, it’s hard to imagine what Sunday nights would be like without it. And a lot of its success is down to Wilman, who was once a humble scribe himself.

So to all the anti-Top Gear brigade I’d simply say; stop complaining, please, otherwise one day someone will listen, and then they’ll take it away. And cars on TV will become boring again. If you want straight reviews about cars then watch our videos. If you want entertainment as well, watch Top Gear.