Autocar is a broad church. Well it’s not actually a church but if it was a religious order we’d let every road user in, even if they didn’t actually have an Autocar.

Trike That’s why I don’t feel even slightly embarrassed by the tricycle I’ve got in my garage.

Actually I’m rather pleased with myself, because imagine having a car that has doubled or even tripled in value over the last few years. No, I couldn’t believe it either, these trikes are worth their weight in pork pies, provided that is they have like any decent motor, the right extras fitted.

So long before some idiot had thought up the phrase carbon footprint I bought a trike for taking nippers down to the nursery. You strapped them in the twin facing rear seats and off you went. You got fitter, saved petrol and the smallest ones had a laugh too.

It was brilliant, especially when you cornered on two wheels to squeals of the tyres and the tots. So, yes, a great way to frighten small children, nearby pedestrians and occasionally yourself. But best of all you find yourself pedalling an appreciating asset.

It was only when I fell over it for the 22rd time one day that I decided to find out what its worth. First of all this is not a far-eastern knock off but a proper posh Brit built Pashley. Makers of sensible bikes for the gentry that don’t have dayglo paintjobs, 48 gears and daft muddy badger names.