Although I haven’t got hold of the keys yet, I’ve spent more than a few minutes staring at the BMW X1, which is currently sitting in the Autocar car park.

I can’t quite get over the size of the X1. It’s barely taller than a Scirocco and even looks dainty – in a kind of stretched wheel base way – compared to a VW Golf. But this lunchtime, it was positively dwarfed next to the 5-series GT.

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Somewhat like the Skoda Yeti, the X1’s designers have managed to carve out a lot of interior space in a short car and without have to raise the roof height to ridiculous levels.

The X1 and Yeti might have achieved something quite rare in the car industry – coming up with a genuinely fresh take on the two-box vehicle.

I’m not sure how much off-road ability the X1 has, but I have driven the Yeti extensively – on- and off-road. Its size, relatively low weight and short overhangs meant it was genuinely impressive off-road.

Add in the optional hill descent control and rapid-fire Haldex 4 all-wheel drive system, and this machine is the truly all-terrain. Do you need anything bigger, especially, if never more than four up?