I was planning to cycle to the Sexy Green Car Show to reduce my carbon footprint – until I realised that, as it happens in Cornwall and I live in the diametrically opposed part of the country – I’d have to have set out last week to get there before it shuts.

So what will I miss? Well, according to this morning’s breaking news, a great big electri-fried Range Rover for a piffling £125K.  Eh?

Apparently a company called Liberty is behind the battery-powered Rangie – and what an appropriate name that is. Because ‘liberty’ sums-up what’s being taken here, with the whole concept of an electric Rangie that lumbers a maximum of 200 miles between a trip to the 13-amp socket.

Then there’s the small matter of the claim that a battery powered Range Rover is somehow a new and fresh idea. It isn’t. As a twice-lapsed member of the Battery Vehicle Society I feel myself to be if anything over-qualified to talk about the subject – although a quick whip-round might persuade me not to.