It never ceases to amaze how much effort movie-makers put into the cars that star in a modern blockbuster. For the latest big movie — The Green Hornet — Hollywood scoured the States for 29 examples of the Chrysler Imperial sedan that co-stars in the movie.

All had to be dated to between 1964 and 1966 and were in various states of repair, some being acquired for as little as $1500, the Sony rep told me at the recent Detroit motor show.

Cars acquired for that little cash won’t see the light of day again — they were cut-up for scenes that show bullet holes raking the cars. But running cars like the one at the Cobo, complete with bonnet-mounted machine guns and revamped interior for camera shots will be sold off.

There was a suggestion that this movie car might fetch as much as $250k, possibly to be paid by a major US motor museum like the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA. The Green Hornet car wasn’t in the main show hall, of course, but had a prominent spot in the main concourse outside the hall.