I love capitalism. The whole buy, sell, cut and thrustiness of it all. That’s why all those latte loving campers at St Pauls should clear off to the Socialist paradise of Cuba, where they can watch old Buicks glide by courtesy of their wonderful Lada engines.

However, the news that Silverstone might just fall into foreign hands has made me come over all Red Flag Flying and call for nationalisation of our well, national circuit.

It’s a complicated situation of course about just how Silverstone got into this state where it needs to be rescued (see further the British Racing Drivers’ Club and several suitors with silly asset fund names). For me it is the simple fact that we would allow another national asset to go into foreign ownership. Don’t get me started on the QE2 bridge and the fact that we don’t have an indigenous car industry any more. I am pretty much alone amongst my peers on this one, but I think that not owning the means of production will long term, finish us economically. It’s all about control you see and the fact that gross domestic product drains away to other nations.

Only this week we had the regional grants (our money) being dolled out to cash rich foreign multinationals to keep them here. I know how it all works, but it is essentially bribery. Mind you anything that keeps Lotus in a perpetual state of fairly mad multi-vehicle launch has to be worth it for entertainment value alone.