A few months back when it was RIP Saab, I asked for your favourite Saab shaped cars. Now it seems Saab is about to be resurrected and I think it is about time we pointed them in the right direction with some serious suggestions.

Now I know there have been all sorts of hybrid this and battery powered that as serious proposals for the new round of Saabs, but come on. 

What made Saab sexy was those wedgie 900s. The 99 Turbo. The odd Sonnet. We want weird looking stuff with bonkers names. Scandinavia does odd books and films and everyone loves them, so why not do the same with its cars? Dragon Tattoo Turbo? The Super Trooper MPV? I am sure you can think of something far worse.

Of course, one major reason why Saab stumbled and failed was the shockingly bad way it was marketed over the years. I know I could have done a better job and if the new owners want someone to run the UK concession, I’m very available. It really isn’t that difficult. Just set the cars apart from the dull far easterns and the arrogantly aspirational Germans. Easy. 

I’m currently scribbling the new 999 Turbo Bjorn and Benny on the back of my Billy bookcase. So what’s your grand plan for Saab?