I do hope that no one gets me The Black Keys album 'El Camino' for Christmas. I am sure that I would enjoy the infectious grooves and all that, but I would be so deeply troubled by the cover I would not be able to sleep.

You see on the cover of the album is not an El Camino, but some crappy old Chrysler Minivan.

A real El Camino SS, not on an album cover...

It bothers me that a generation of music buyers will think that the car on the album cover is an El Camino, quite possibly the coolest car ever. It is so cool that Colin Goodwin of this parish had one.

So for me, even the fact that The Black Keys boys liked the name so much they had to put it on the cover in ignorance of what the car looked like, I really can’t abide historical automotive inaccuracy.

Films and TV programmes that have the wrong sorts of cars in them irritate me hugely. When I went to see Quadrophenia at the cinema, I was really bothered that the early-1960s streetscapes had late model Escorts and Allegros in them.

Morse’s Jag is a Daimler isn’t it? Good engine, but a terrible vinyl roof. That’s why I couldn’t watch the TV programme without wincing. Also John Thaw, in his Sweeney days, originally rode in the back of a Consul, not a Granada. These things matter.

So I am mad, or do you agree? Will you be watching the Christmas films with one eye firmly on the carscape? Oh, and on album covers too?