I make no apologies for being predictable, but my car of the decade is the Porsche Cayman. I’ll admit that Porsche building a sublime sports car isn’t an example of a manufacturer moving beyond its comfort zone. Neither are the Cayman’s achievements as far reaching as that of the Tata Nano. Instead the Cayman gets my vote because it takes Porsche back to what made the company great in the first place.

Obviously the new 911 GT3 and Turbo are quite exceptional cars, but they are also hugely expensive, and if we’re honest, too fast to enjoy on the road. The Cayman on the other hand is a car you can, on the right road, give a right thrash, and not find yourself on the wrong side of an instant ban. By virtue of being smaller, lighter, and more honest, it is more enjoyable more of the time. It is also not completely unobtainable, especially when with decent used examples available for £20k.

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Some criticise the Cayman for being a Boxster with a roof, some feel it not exciting enough, while others look down on it simply for not being a 911. They are of course all wrong.  If anything, it is the very fact that those interested in Porsche simply for the badge don’t get the Cayman that makes it all the more appealing to those who appreciate Porsches for how good they are to drive.