If you could drive one car – just one, mind – for the rest of your life, what would it be?  

Tricky, isn’t it? First of all, let’s discount anything practical. I know, I know. If I actually had to choose one car forever, it would need to be big enough for a family, have a tow-bar and respectable economy. But that would be boring, so for the purposes of this blog, boring is banned. Let’s imagine you can teleport your kids or, like a B-list celebrity’s wedding, you have a fleet of Audi A8s on-hand to ferry people and things hither and thither. Leaving you to drive what you like.

So, what’s it to be? Type 35 Bugatti? McLaren F1? Caterham 7?

Me? I’ll have a Porsche Cayman please. We’ve group tested one in the 9 July issue, against an Audi TT and a BMW 135i and it wins convincingly. Which is no great surprise.

The surprise is still just how good the Porsche feels when you drive it. It’s not perfect, but it’s about as close as cars get these days.

If one were to be mine forever, it would need a bit more power, a six-speed ‘box (so long as it shifts as sweetly as the five-speeder), a limited-slip differential and perhaps a couple of mods here and there to make it a bit more GT3-like, while not making it too harsh. A suede-rimmed wheel, beefier seats, that sort of thing, though I’d still like a stereo and air-con, thanks.