One of the great joys of not having a car is that you can spend endless hours and days looking at all sorts of inappropriate replacements. Anything goes for me at the moment, I could literally pick most vehicles with four wheels and a current MOT at the moment. What is cramping my searching style is the industrial Land Rover, my work schedule and the fact that East Anglia is a long way from anywhere else.

So far I have missed out on £900 of prime 1980s German metal because it got sold before a friend in the trade could get there. There being 200 miles away on the south coast. I’m still sobbing about it. As a result I’m scouting for cars closer to home. And hey look at this. It’s a tired, grubby Porsche 928 with a tow bar. What are the chances?

Apparently it was used to pull a glider around, which is infinitely cooler than an Eldis Firestorm, that’s a caravan by the way.

I didn’t buy the 928 because it was firstly £2500, which is pricey for a 1984 effort that clearly needed rebuilding from the ground up.

However, I just wondered what’s the most inappropriate vehicle you have seen with a hook on the back? Indeed, what are the incongruous extras you have seen on cars for sale?