It seems funny to think back to the warmer months of the year when it’s currently sub-zero outside, and for once Bing’s dreams of a big white dump of Yuletide snow might come true, but my top car of 2010 is the perfect accompaniment to the summer months.

This year Audi chopped the roof off its R8, and although convertibles are always a bit of a compromise, with the Spyder the engineers have done an excellent job of pretty much retaining the rigidity of the coupé. Plus with the canvas roof stowed there’s nothing to come between you and the thundering R8 V10 rumble.

One of my moments of the year was crossing the Thames via an empty Dartford tunnel late on a mid-summer’s night, and I could hear that 5.2-litre unit bellowing its mighty bhp in all its glory.

However, the great thing about a marque’s flagship cars is that eventually the expensive kit filters down through the ranks. And a simple piece of tech that really is useful on the Spyder is the Bluetooth microphones incorporated into the seatbelts. These help give occupants the best sound reproduction when making a hands-free call. A bug-bear of mine while driving is making a call from my mobile via Bluetooth, only for the recipient to give up on the conversation because I sound so muffled. So hopefully such tech will soon trickle down to lesser models (and car companies) soon.