As a statement of the blooming obvious, some brain of Britain who runs a car leasing website has concluded that the hatchback is our favourite bodystyle.

Or at least it’s the one we look for most often online. Surely its because this shape is the most practical and what we need to fit our family and shopping inside.

Also in these silly stats there is no proper breakdown, as well as happy shoppers what about MPVs, SUVs and the Audi A7.

So here are those rubbish stats in full:

Hatchback: 24 per centSaloon: 21 per centEstate: 20 per centConvertible: 16 per centCoupe: 11 per centOther: 8 per cent

I am tempted then to speculate about the ‘Other’ category and actually create something that I would actively look for. First of all I love the MX-5 as perhaps the best example of a used car.

I think it would be even better if Mazda added a fastback body with a tailgate. Like and MGB GT, but obviously a million times better. And in the mad old days of TVR, how about a saloon? Or even better a State Landaulet that Her Majesty the Queen could have used.

So can we have suggestions for suitably bizarre bodywork combinations that you would want to not just search for, but actually want to own?