The point of my blogs is to be a bit silly. Not this week though; it’s time to get serious and ban motorbikes.

Just recently two men I know have had accidents. They were not young and silly on fizzy mopeds, but middle aged men on proper, big bikes. One of them died and the other has had his life changed forever through injury. In neither case was the accident their ‘fault’. It’s all to do with physics, and it has to be said, the inattention and stupidity of drivers of four wheeled vehicles.

The simple fact is that motorcyclists are so vulnerable. I remember with some horror renting a bike on a hot rock in the med sometime in the 1980s. It was great fun, but I didn’t have a helmet. And the future Mrs Ruppert who was holding on was even more flimsy when it came to safety equipment. All it would have taken is a pick-up truck with crates of chickens to have cut me up and that would have been bad. We were lucky.

So let’s ban bikes to save a lot of misery and distress.

Except that the libertine inside of me thinks that this would be very silly indeed. How about we make every driver start at the bottom of the road sharing rung - the cycling proficiency test? Pass that, then you go onto motorbikes and only then can you progress to cars.