Come on boys and girls there’s a blinking heatwave on. So what drop tops can we go and buy later on, swan about in at the weekend and flog on Monday?

That’s the blog this weekend in a couple of sentences. Ideally I would like us to get our money back on Monday and possibly a profit. Apparently the forecast is still pretty reasonable for Monday, around 24deg C, so we should be able to sell it on.

I don’t have a budget in mind, anything goes really. I am sure we could buy a Bentley GTC for £58K and punt it for £59,995 as well as source a mangy Golf Clipper for under a grand and turn that into £1999 on a sunny Monday.

Of course MX5s are everywhere as usual, I did sort of try to buy one before ending up with a 7-series as there was one near me with issues at £600. That must be the easiest roadster to use and abuse and then move on.

So yes, what should we be buying and selling in the next 72 hours?