I’ve been out in field for the last few days, kicking tyres, prodding buttons and generally having fun as I always do.

What you find round the back of some dealers is incredibly exciting - and just a bit tempting.

It was certainly nice to stumble over a Rover SD1 in Vanden Plas spec. It is a mechanic’s project, as you could see from the high-rise front end that the engine was out for some work. Apparently there an immaculate one in his collection, but this is the test mule - awaiting a V8 which is being plumbed for a turbocharger, or two. That is going to be very dangerous indeed if it ever gets finished.

There were also bits of 924 and 944 in that yard too, mostly as spares cars, apparently. They certainly needed money to make them even slightly better, or at least roadworthy again. It was odd to find a place where the majority of Porsches in the car park were inoperative.

At the back of a Jag specialist I visited though, you could have been forgiven for thinking that most of the cats should be humanely put down.

I was rather taken with a K plate 3.2 which had just been driven in and left by the old owner.