I understand (thank you, Headlineauto) that the Transport Committee has agreed to hold a short inquiry into the cost of motor insurance.

It will focus on: the reasons and consequences of recent increases in the cost of motor insurance; the impact on young people of the high costs of motor insurance; the extent to which the cost of motor insurance is influenced by the prevalence of road accidents, insurance fraud, legal costs and the number of uninsured drivers; whether there are public policy implications of the rise in the cost of motor insurance; and, if so, what steps the Government might take in response to them.

By far the hugest number of questions I get are from youngsters and parents of youngsters who want to know what is the cheapest car to insure and just what they should be buying. At any one time I also have up to four cars to insure, so insurance is a constantly occurring issue.

So here is a wonderful opportunity to give our betters the inside track as to what it is like to get a car covered. For all I know they can probably claim it.

I really can’t understand how it is so difficult to get people to insure their cars. Perhaps those of us who pay insurance should wear strangely coloured Beanie hats sent through the post by the insurance companies.