In Car Entertainment, as they used to say, is praying on my mind right now. I should be worrying about more important things of course, especially as these are related to one of my not yet roadworthy projects. Indeed, a new hydraulic car jack to replace my dead one is a rather more pressing matter.

However, I’m concerned that with the coming digital switchover, in 2015 apparently (about when I’ll get my motor back on the Queen’s Highway), all radios will be obsolete.

DAB radios are getting cheaper, but then I’ve got a lovely Harmon Karden in my big bus that I would be loath to give up. Indeed, I’ve also got some period Blaupunkts and a rather nice Sony, screwdrivered out of my ex-motors which would be a shame not to use.

I’ve got one of those cheap cassette adaptors, which means you can plug in an iPod and presumably a smarter phone that can get radio. So music isn’t an issue, and yes I still use CDs and cassettes, but radio is more of an issue. Presumably Halfords will sell me a cheapie DAB in a few years time that might look a bit rubbish.

So I just wondered if you had any plans in mind for the switchover? Also what was your favourite radio, or ICE system?