I’ve quite enjoyed the last few months. Since September I’ve either bought or sold a car each month, which has been a huge amount of fun. Yesterday, though, I completed my first virtual purchase via Twitter – well, sort of.

I have bought blind plenty of times – if it is from someone you trust there is nothing to worry about. I’d be far more alarmed  bidding on the world’s favourite auction site. For some cheapies it may be worth the risk, but when you are an MOT (Mum of Two) and have recently written off your mini MPV on black ice, you need reliable wheels right now.

My purchase was all a bit of a rush. Initially I was asked to look for a petrol/diesel 4x4, but I narrowed it down to a spacious petrol estate.

I found one online at a main dealer, which looked nice enough in the pictures. I phoned and discovered that it had been serviced it from new. It was registered as a demo car, but never used. It had a warranty. It was difficult to go wrong. Except that the car had to seen to be believed.

So the MOT and Mrs R went to see the vehicle in real life. I started to Tweet as they inspected, drove then went outside for a think. At the same time I both emailed and spoke to them on the phone.

For two frankly terrifying women they were reluctant to do any hard-nosed negotiating. Indeed the salesman had already said that the price was fixed.

So I told them to tell the taxman that a fresh MOT and tax would be the key to them signing on the dotted line.

It worked and I let my three Bangernomics followers know that a car had sort of been bought via Twitter.

Strictly speaking I hadn’t, but it proves that the old fashioned way of doing things (real test driving) can work well when combined with the new tech of Blackberrys and Twittering.