When is some forward-thinking car company going to ‘uninvent’ climate control?

Vovlo I’m asking after spending two mornings being broiled by the over-keen system in our new Volvo XC60.

Don’t get me wrong, the Volvo is a brilliant winter car thanks to its combination of four-wheel driven reassurance and nuclear-strength seat heaters – but the climate control system is far too clever for its own good.

The thermostat’s logic seems to be that, if it's cold outside, the cabin needs to be filled with hot air as soon as possible. Which is rational enough, but in practical terms that means you get uncomfortably hot air blown at you for a good ten minutes after a sub-zero start, even with the climate control dialled to deliver a supposed 18-degrees, its lowest non ‘maxi aircon’ setting.

Maybe it’s not fair to single out the Volvo, most climate control systems employ the same principle, a distinctly fuzzy logic that’s also adopted by office thermostat systems.

But here’s my radical idea: how about returning to the idea a rotary dial that gives instant control of the air temperature coming into the cabin?