I’ve been using my Land Rover fairly intensely recently despite the fact that the clutch is slipping so significantly it will need an engine out overhaul in the coming weeks.

So my Landie gets parked next to her Disco and I just idly wondered whether there was still such a thing as a car for Blokes and one for the Ladies? Or is that just an outmoded sexist observation from someone who started driving in the ‘70s?

I must say there is a surfeit of Discos on the school run and all without any exception are driven by girls, be them Disco 2s or 3s and almost exclusively auto from what I’ve seen.

However, the whole concept of ‘His and Her motors’ has been around for quite a while. The Triumph Mayflower was envisaged as the Hers part of a male razor-edged Roller Limousine package and the Princess 1100/1300 was a companion to the bigger Rolls-powered Princess.

Indeed, if you have read The British Car Industry, Our Part in its Downfall, by me, our next door neighbours Mr and Mrs Lewis did have that particular combo.

Coming up to date though, surely just about all small CCs are for the ladies. But I would appreciate any guidiance, although I do understand that most of the posters here will be largely male.