Who has been the real winner under the UK’s scrappage scheme so far? One thing’s for certain, it hasn’t necessarily been the British manufacturers.Scrappage has been great at getting people into showrooms again and giving a kickstart to the car industry as a whole. It’s also going to have knock-on affects in years to come as independent garages have a steady supply of ageing cars to maintain.

But I still think it’s missing a trick at giving British manufacturers a fairer crack at the whip. Yes, there are EU competition rules to consider, but it’s hard not to think some of our native car makers have been a little hard done by.

Jaguar and Land Rover’s scrappage sales instantly stand out. There aren’t too many people who will be trading in a ten-year-old banger worth less than £2k and be able to afford a Jag XF or a Range Rover Sport.

Jaguar has so far sold 39 cars under the scheme and Land Rover 145. Hardly ground breaking figures. Maybe a similar scheme to boost the luxury end of the market could be arranged?