General Motors is 100 years old today – and the company deserves a bit of cheering up.

GM Logo A couple of months ago it was conceivable that GM wouldn’t manage to reach this milestone without the shelter of American bankruptcy protection.

But, despite losses to rival the GDP of a medium-sized country, the General has managed it. And, despite the plunging fortunes of the global economy, the company’s future looks slightly brighter.

There’s still plenty of storm to be weathered, but GM will be marking its centenary by revealing more details of the car it hopes will turn around its global fortunes, the petrol-electric Chevrolet Volt.

If it works, GM stands to become a technology leader, and to steal a march on its US rivals. The company’s next 100 years are still far from assured – but it deserves credit for at least trying to dig itself out of the hole it finds itself in.