Recently, I spent the morning at Ferrari’s Modena plant partly because the company wants to make a point of its green credentials.

Ferrari has spent the last few years completely re-building Modena, not only installing smart new production lines but also new buildings that consume less energy and 4000sq meters of solar panels.

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However, the Italians have gone one step further and built their own mini on-site power station, which provides not only electricity but also cooled water and super-heated water.

Hard-hated and ear-defended, we were allowed into the bowls of the Modena power station to see an extraordinary sight.

At the heart of the operation are two more-than-room-sized V20 (yes, that’s 20-cylinder) engines. Each motor measures in at 769-litres and churns out the equivalent of 23,000bhp.

Powered by gas (and started up with compressed air), these engines are built specifically for power generation, run at a constant 750rpm and are said to be among the most efficient internal combustion engines in the world.