I’m no great fan of commercial radio stations because, inevitably, they feature commercials, and these make my ears bleed.

But while seeking something other than Ken Bruce this morning, I found one. The conversation topic was mostly Denise van Outen’s breasts, which I suspect are better seen than heard about, but it was fine.

Then came the adverts. Now, my beef with a lot of radio adverts is that, if they’re targeted correctly, they imply the listener – me – is either promiscuous, poor, a fraudster, a tax-evader, litigious, stupid, lazy, wildly indebted, or any combination thereof.

Most of this morning’s ads were no exception. But then there was one from Car Giant, a car supermarket specialising in de-fleeted, discounted-when-new spudders like Vectras, 407s and (perhaps their aim is true after all) Primeras like the one beloved and I bought.

The ad’s gist was thus: Geoff in the office is showing off about how little he paid for his 318i. How irritating, thinks Pete. I must remind him how little I paid for my 325i from Car Giant.

What’s this? 3-Series’ being touted by a company whose strapline is ‘great, cheap used cars’?  Oh, BMW, that it should come to this.