We live in confusing times. I notice that Tesla has reported a second quarter loss of $38.5 million which doesn’t seem very good to me, so I clearly don’t understand how modern business operates. I thought that electric cars were the next big thing…

Last week I asked you for suggestions for the perfect budget track day car and I don’t think anyone came up with a sensible suggestion at all.

Then there is the Alfa adverts. ‘I am Giulietta’, when clearly she is Uma. I did find the press adverts a bit confusing when I could not make it out who it was even with my bifocals on, but the TV advert made it much clearer that it was the magnificent creature that is Uma Thurman.

Pleasing as that is, I am confused as to how this is meant to sell cars. I mean it caught my attention, but then I am an old bloke. 

I did a very unscientific survey amongst women in my nearest vicinity and none said that they would buy a car because Uma thought her name was Giulietta. Men are a bit different; they do pay attention but for all the wrong reasons. Indeed many years ago I did propose in a national newspaper that there should be a Salma Hayek branded 4x4 to overcome the prevailing bad press they were getting.