Land Rover’s DC100 concepts have obviously caught your attention. On top of the staggering amount of site traffic through the LR news stories and pictures, we asked if any of you wanted to judge the cars on a few simple criteria.

The answer was a resounding ‘yes’. Over 48 hours more than 1200 of you voted in our survey, assessing these five criteria: Off-road potential?, Street cred?, Everyday usability?, Design and styling, and ?Suitability as a Defender replacement.

Here are the results, which I’d say confirm that Land Rover has set off in exactly the right direction, even if it hasn’t yet arrived at the destination.

Of the 1200 who completed the survey, 150 currently owned a Land Rover, and a further 150 had run one in the past (a tick in that box for me).

And here’s a selection of a few of the comments you added to the form: