So to this week's DAFTA awards:

Best noise of the week (potentially); the future electric vehicleElectric cars, such as the Nissan Leaf, are going to have to have silly noises engineered into them at low speeds apparently to make them easier to hear, and therefore safer for pedestrians. Noises under consideration are currently “sounds from Star Wars” and “more conventional automobile noises.” Whatever that may mean.The DAFTA committee would like to go for something a little fruitier to get pedestrians’ attention, however; such as screeching tyres, a 454 V8 letting go at 7200rpm, a quick burst from the chorus of “Our Friends Electric” by Tubeway Army perhaps, some synchromesh being murdered and, our current favourite; the inimitable sound of “pensioner’s clutch-slip” – accompanied by an inadvertent but sustained burst of excruciatingly high revs, plus that similarly distinct smell of “burnt-out-pensioner’s-clutch” to go with it. Or, of course, the legislators could insist that our electric runabouts make entirely dull, entirely electric kinds of sound – similar to that really annoying high pitched beep-beep that lorries make when reversing.All suggestions as to what sort of noises (and/or smells) our leccy motors could produce to keep pedestrians in check in the future will be entirely welcomed by the DAFTA committee – and then put forward to our colleagues in Brussels. Who will inevitably ignore any sign of innovation, but then they can’t stop us laughing (can they? Is that technically possible to achieve as well??).