Although its always fun to hobnob for a few minutes with one so famous off the Haunted Fishtank, I wasn't expecting much from my few minutes interviewing Red Bull team principal Christian Horner about his team's involvement with Infiniti.

It looked to me like a pretty transparent deal, and one aimed at people who are fundamentally naive: an inadequately-known car brand gives an F1 team lots of money in exchange for being embraced by its drivers and team members who are famous everywhere.

Result: lots more brand awareness. Great as far as it goes, but let's not pretend it's anything more than that.

Horner, a quietly polite man who meets everyone on the same terms, confounded me. My companion in the interview asked some pretty predictable will-you-win-on-Sunday questions, and though Horner must already have answered these a million times, he dealt with them patiently and interestingly.