The ninth leg of the 2009 IRC championship is here. The Rally of Asturias is one of the most famous rally’s in Spain and takes place in Oviedo, a town in the north of Spain.

With Kris leading the drivers’ championship by three points and Jan Kopecky next in line, the Asturias Rally is crucial in the race for the title.

Kris had a testing time in the Czech Republic last month, struggling with flu and competing against the likes of Kopecky and Juho Hanninen on their home turf, yet he still managed to secure second place.

According to Kris, this weekend, with him in better health, the main priority is to try to finish ahead of Kopecky. Talking to Kris after the recce on Wednesday, he said that they have found the stages more technical than expected.  It was wet during the recce but the forecast is good for the weekend and no rain is expected.  And with the last couple of rally’s taking place on tarmac, Kris and Paul are feeling well prepared.

Shakedown happened this morning and whilst we don’t have the final times, Kris and Paul are happy with their performance. 

A lot of local drivers are participating this weekend; Alberto Hieva is one which Kris and his co-driver Paul Nagle believe they will need to watch.  Kris said that there are five or six people who could win this weekend.  Nicolas Vouilloz is fast along with Freddy Loix and of course Kopecky.