Fascinating list just in from Hyundai showing what’s been traded in for a new car under scrappage. Along with 274 Nissan Micras, a single Triumph Acclaim and a handful of Toyota RAV4s were some real oddities.

How about a solitary XJS, scrapped for a new i10? Or a Saab 99? Or eight Skoda Octavias, which aren’t particularly odd but I can’t help thinking of Octavias as still being relatively new.

The UK has one less Morris Ital and one fewer Morris Minor, too, as well as a pair of MGs, one Midget and one B GT. Twelve Mercedes E-classes will be consigned to the crusher (three are listed as TEs, which could mean they’re the perennial W123s).

What could be the country’s only Ford Fiesta Frascati is doomed, and although it was only a special edition as a sign of its times it’s priceless – can you imagine the Ford of today doing a special edition named after cheap Italian plonk?

It’s tricky to know what to feel about this. I hate waste, and I absolutely hate seeing good cars destroyed – especially when they’re on the verge of becoming quite rare. But most of what’s on this list was never very good, and even in 20 years time won’t be considered to be much better.