Cars are really boring aren’t they? Day to day they are quite underwhelming. No journey is made particularly special by them. Unless you are blatting around a track, which I certainly don’t do. So where’s the thrill?

I say this because I was lucky enough to get a 20 minute ride in a Tiger Moth. All yellow paint, bits of wire and canvas, and a week later I am still literally in the clouds.

You don’t need me to tell you how wonderful being up in the air is. Autocar’s very own Biggles, Colin Goodwin, is a proper pilot and knows his Aerilon from his elbow.

Now I’ve been in plenty of light aircraft and on some quite long jaunts too, which I thought was proper flying. Well it isn’t - a seat of your pants, held in the cockpit by a single hook and eye safety harness, open bi-plane certainly is.