Cars are really boring aren’t they? Day to day they are quite underwhelming. No journey is made particularly special by them. Unless you are blatting around a track, which I certainly don’t do. So where’s the thrill?

I say this because I was lucky enough to get a 20 minute ride in a Tiger Moth. All yellow paint, bits of wire and canvas, and a week later I am still literally in the clouds.

You don’t need me to tell you how wonderful being up in the air is. Autocar’s very own Biggles, Colin Goodwin, is a proper pilot and knows his Aerilon from his elbow.

Now I’ve been in plenty of light aircraft and on some quite long jaunts too, which I thought was proper flying. Well it isn’t - a seat of your pants, held in the cockpit by a single hook and eye safety harness, open bi-plane certainly is.

Apart from a plane though, a motorbike certainly keeps you entertained especially as you could fall off at any moment. Then again, there are cars that can make you feel special even if you just pop to the shops. Most open cars, a supercar and to be very specific, I have never found any Caterham dull nor a Series Land Rover for that matter.

I know that I won’t be off roading in the Camel Trophy, but the sheer noise and gear whine nonsense involved at least makes me feel like I am about to embark on an adventure. And then there are Minis. I do love them and the sheer rough and tumble of every journey gives me a lift and raises a smile.

Indeed, I used to like the cross channel Hovercraft which counted as a ‘flight’ of course.

So what form of transport gets you all excited? It can be train, boat or plane. Oh yes, or car, or bike.