Last week we ran a story about ‘the car according to Ikea’, after Ikea’s French arm published a video on a microsite describing its plans to create “the most enjoyable and responsible means of travelling to Ikea”.

Was it an April Fool’s joke? Or was it a genuinely innovative plan by Ikea to create its own-brand, eco-friendly car?

Well, yesterday Ikea revealed the answer to the world, and the comment on the video about the car being both estate and cabriolet was rather a strong clue to the truth. This was neither a revolution in car manufacture, nor any sort of joke.

So what can be both wagon and soft-top? Why, a car-sharing scheme, of course. This is what Ikea France calls ‘covoiturage’. It’s a website, where users can plan their trips to Ikea by sharing each other’s cars.Read more on the Ikea Leko pre-revealSee the car-sharing idea post-reveal

A good idea, and an undeniably green one, but I for one can’t help but feel just a little bit cheated. A truly green city car conceived by the gurus of affordable flat-pack style would have been so much more interesting…

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