Having been fortunate enough recently to test two of the models in the new five-door Polo range, one comment from our full road test of the car has really stuck in my head.

In reference to the wide range of choice available in the booming supermini sector, it said: "The winner in all this is you, the consumer. With such a spread of talented superminis, there is something for everyone."

Our current road test top five for the supermini class lists the Ford Fiesta at the top, followed by the Polo, Mazda 2, Skoda Fabia and Seat Ibiza. Rarely in a class are the contenders so evenly matched, yet equally as rare is how distinctive and individual they also are.

Take the Fiesta. Its ride and handling are certainly class leading, while its styling inside and out is also the most distinctive. For this very reason, it may lose buyers to the Polo, as people may seek a more conservative and mature choice. Its quality is beyond reproach, while it also has the trump card of the superb seven-speed DSG 'box, which is silky smooth and fantastically refined.

But these two come at a price, which is where the Mazda 2 comes in. The entry level model undercuts the Fiesta by around £1500 and although it doesn't have the style and individuality of the Fiesta, it does have the zesty performance and impressive dynamic ability to match it.

Fancy the Polo's refinement with a smaller price tag and an added fun factor? Then the Fabia's the one for you. As a member of the VW family, you know you're buying into a quality product and one which is unlikely to let you down. It also has customisable options, such as checkered roofs, which many even be enough to tempt over potential Mini customers with an eye for a bargain.

Then we come to the stylish Seat. The engine range isn't the strongest here, but its motorsport image has bolstered its appeal and again you have the benefits of a car from the VW stable. Although these are the top five, there are plenty more to consider which you could make a case for.

The Japanese have given us the fun Nissan Micra and the more mature Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz, while Hyundai has also launched the i20 this year, which represents excellent value for money. Renault, Citroen and especially Peugeot have also been making cars in this class which have been commercial successes for years.

The supermini class really does have something for everyone and its competitiveness can only grow as the downsizing trend continues in the car industry. VW, for example, has not hidden the fact the new Polo is every bit a baby brother to the Golf, proving smaller doesn't necessarily mean down market.

This is also a class in which a car can spawn an eco-friendly sub-100g/km model, while also offering 200bhp plus sports models, without such severe price gaps between the top and the bottom ends of the range seen in other classes.

So to echo the point made in the Polo's road test, the winner in the supermini class is you, the consumer. A class which really does have something for everyone.

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